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A Travel Blogger Thoughts About The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

A Travel Blogger Thoughts About The Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Corona Virus has drastically impacted the travel industry. Click here to read what a travel blogger has to say about the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

This blog post won’t be like my other blog posts where I share pictures, links, tips and tricks and so on.

Today, I want to talk about something important and voice my opinion on this platform.

I was one of those people that at first, dismissed the Corona Virus as the flu. However, as the days went by, I started seeing the number of deaths rising and cases started to pop up here in Europe.

In no time at all, every European country reported a case of the Coronavirus.

In a blink of an eye, Italy was under lockdown. I have relatives living in Italy and they need permission to go to work and to go food shopping.

In a split second, schools shut down in Germany and everyone is frantically emptying the supermarkets.

At the drop of a hat, Malta banned flights from affected countries which left me unable to see my family and go to my medical appointments.

Before we knew it, we aren’t allowed to travel.

And I 100% support that.

Unfortunately, a lot of people out there still think that the Corona is not serious and that if they’ll get it, they’ll be cured. Which is true. Young, healthy people are recovering.

However, what they fail to realise is when travelling, there is a higher risk of them contracting the virus and passing it to other people. People will keep on passing the virus unless they take the necessary precautions and in the meantime, a lot of vulnerable people will lose their lives. Over someone who decided to be selfish and think of himself first.

When there is a worldwide pandemic, the entire human race has to come together and work together to stop the spread of the virus.

Why risk infecting your entire community and kill someone’s father/mother/daughter/son/niece/nephew/aunt/uncle/cousin just so you can go travel?

Folks, this is only for a couple of months. It irks me to the core when people do not care.

With the Coronavirus, you cannot think of just yourself. You have to think of your community. Only washing your hands will not help prevent the spread of the virus.

The ULTIMATE CURE of the Coronavirus is PREVENTION. Click To Tweet

Going to infected places because “you’re young, wild and free” and washing your hands will not stop you from bringing the virus back to your community, infecting them and thus result in more people being infected and more people dying.

I love to travel. I am building something that will enable me to travel more. However, here I am urging you to stay put for the time being. The places you want to see will still be there. The museums, festivals and events you’re planning to attend will still be there. Let us all get together and stop the spread of the virus so things can get back to normal quicker.

I also vented on Instagram.


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Like if you can spot me in the picture, comment if you know where this was taken! Yesterday I announced that I’ll be posting on here twice a day. Today I woke up needing a break from social media and what’s happening in the world right now. I was one of those people where I dismissed the corona as the flu. But seeing a whole country on the verge of collapse (Italy with many others following suit), family members needing permission to leave the house and my home country on the verge of a lockdown, I realized how serious this is. Don’t be a carrier. Don’t spread the virus. As much as I love travel, I believe that for now it has to stop. This isn’t forever. Only for a couple of months. The countries you want to see will still be there, airlines will start operating flights again and everything will be back to normal. Don’t worry about you getting it. Worry about giving it to other people and other people passing it to more people and keeps going. It baffles me how people still want to go to places where there’s the virus and risk bringing it back to their community and spreading it there. Parents and grandparents are dying. Don’t be the cause of that. Any who, rant is over🙃 . . . #coronavirus

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And that way, we can get back to traveling and writing blog posts quicker!

Is losing €200 over a cancelled flight worse than infecting your family? Infecting your community?

Sit down and think about this. In today’s world, we are driven by money. Money consumes our lives even without us knowing.

Is cancelling a trip and not getting that money back more important to you than putting your family at the risk of getting the virus? Is it really?

If the answer is yes, you need to sit down and do some self-reflection.

You may ask, what am I supposed to do now that my trip is cancelled?!

There’s plenty to do!

1. Deep clean, declutter and organize your house.

This is something I enjoy doing and it relaxes me

2. Start a blog! 

Have you been thinking about becoming a blogger? Now that you’re off work/school and staying inside, this is the perfect timing! Write about places you’ve been and publish them!

3. Start a YouTube channel.

This is something that has been on my mind lately. Should I start one? Let me know in the comments below!

4. Clean out your computer and email.

Go through your computer and delete any unwanted files. While you’re at it, clean out your Gmail and Hotmail from any unwanted spam messages!

5. Call your family.

Are you living far from your family like I am? Make an effort to call them more often and tell them you’re thinking about them. Tell them to stay safe and give updates on your current situation.

6. Don’t wear masks.

Masks won’t help.

7. Don’t empty grocery stores.

Remember, there are people who cannot afford to shop in bulk. Don’t go out and buy 16 packets of toilet paper and clear out the pasta aisle. Shop smart and think about the people around you.

8. Bake!

I have been on a baking kick lately. I made my own bread (which was to die for), a vanilla cake and Tiramisu!

9. Read and do research.

With more time on your hands, read that book you’ve been putting off reading. Do research on something you’ve been wanting to do for a while. For me, it’s growing my own produce! What’s yours?

10. If you want to stay up to date, get your information from reliable sources:

These sources include the WHO website and official government websites. Don’t rely on Facebook for information. Lies and misinformation are easily spread to cause more panic and fear. The number of lies and false rumours that are being spread on Facebook right now is UNBELIEVABLE. If I don’t check into my logical brain, I would end up believing all of them and feeling even more scared and panic. Don’t be dumb, be logical.

11. Take a virtual tour of some of the world’s most famous museums:

With countries imposing lockdowns, public attractions such as museums, are closed for the public to help prevent the spread of the virus. However, some museums are taking full advantage of today’s technology and they’re offering virtual tours! Click here for more information. What a time to be alive.

12. Take care of your mental health.

This is an important point. We are constantly being bombarded with articles and posts about the virus. If you need to, take a break from social media. Unfollow any pages that make you anxious. Delete social media apps for a while. Trust me, you’re not missing out. I did that and the only app I kept was WhatsApp to keep in touch with family and friends.

I might add on to this post later on but for now, this is all I have to say. This blog post isn’t about getting views. This blog post is about voicing my opinion on a platform I worked hard to build. I want to do my share to help the world. But I can’t do this alone.

Let me know what your thoughts and opinions are on this issue. Feel free to share this post with your family and friends too!

Stay safe out there everyone.

Lots of love,





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  1. Maria Mackay
    March 13, 2020 / 3:55 pm

    Well said, lets all come together and do the right thing.

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