Taking a break from travelling and worried about what content to write? Look no further! There are a lot of blog posts you can conjure up on your travel hiatus. In today’s post, I list my top 20 blog post ideas from when you’re not travelling!

Hello & welcome back to my blog! Today’s blog post is going to be a different one compared to my usual travel-themed posts. My blog tends to fall in the travel category, however, I don’t travel all the time *cries*. I didn’t want to spend weeks until our next trip to post a blog post.

After some major brainstorming and research, I came up with twenty blog post ideas to write when you’re not travelling! This blog post, will hopefully, serve as an inspiration for anyone stuck in the same boat as I am.

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Let’s begin!

1. Compile a travel bucket list:

love reading these kinds of blog posts to get some major travel inspiration! I already compiled my travel wishlist for 2020 and I am planning on publishing a blog post about it soon. Even though I have my travel wishlist ready, there is nothing wrong with adding more destinations on that list 😉

A couple of months ago, I created a travel bucket wishlist for Germany. Check it out here!

Check out my America travel wishlist here!

2. Share your best travel tips:

Compile your top travel tips from surviving long haul flights to how to stay healthy while travelling and share them with your readers! These type of blog posts generate a lot of traffic so I’d say jump on the bandwagon!

Check out this blog for travel blog post ideas! From creating your own bucketlists and how to start a blog, this blog post will for sure give your readers some serious wanderlust! #blogpostideas #travelblogpostideas #wanderlust #bucketlist #tips

3. Packing lists for every season, type of travel, etc:

When I am travelling to a new place with a climate I’m not accustomed to or a place where we’re going to be doing particular activities, I always look up packing lists to make sure I pack what I need. You can also create your own infographic to make your blog post more engaging with your readers!


4. Your favourite travel apps:

Pull out your phone and share your top travel apps that make your travel experience more fun and easy-going! Don’t forget to give a brief summary of the app and links to download them. You can also add screenshots from your phone.

5. Your favourite travel moments:

Share your best travel moments. Create a little photo diary of your best travel moments. This can be a visit to a museum or a dish that made you go ‘wow!’

6. Take a day trip:

Even though this is technically travelling, taking a day trip is cheaper than flying somewhere. This will help give your readers a deeper insight into where you’re from and can even inspire them to travel there.

7. Tips for travelling alone:

My solo trip to Poland is my most popular blog post! This was my first solo trip in a while and learned a lot from it! If you’re an avid solo traveller, share your top tips and tricks for other readers who are looking into venturing into solo travel.


8. Share your favourite travel books:

I love reading books and reading travel-themed books is another way to get some serious wanderlust. Share your top travel books with your readers. Magazines included!

9. Budget travel tips:

Not all of us are millionaires and as a result, we have to stick to a budget. If done right, you can easily travel on a budget! Write a blog post sharing your best budget travelling tips including links and affiliate links (if you have any!)

10. Travel photography tips:

You don’t need a fancy, expensive camera to take great pictures for your blog. I use my phone and Lightroom. That’s it! Share your top photography tips and share your favourite filters too. If you create your own presets, add them in your post!


11. Photo editing apps:

Tying with the above point, share your favourite apps you use to edit your photos and make them stand out! I am constantly looking for new apps to use to help make my photos pop so this kind of blog post is definitely helpful.

12. Share your top tips about your home country:

I’m from Malta but I live in Germany. Ever since moving out here, I get a lot of questions about people wanting to travel to Malta. Write a blog post sharing your top tips to any of your readers that want to visit your home country. Try and go in detail and share top restaurants, hotels, activities and all the information your readers might need!

13. Planning trips ticks and tricks:

Share your top tricks that you use to plan your trips. From your favourite airlines, to travel agencies and apps, let us know! This blog post would come very useful for people who are getting into travelling!

14. How to pack light:

I am your classic over-packer and would like to master packing light! If you managed to crack the code, share your tips on packing light and if you make use of products such as packing cubes.


15. Collab with other bloggers:

Get in touch with other bloggers and work on a collab post. It can be about anything! From top X cheap travel destinations during the Summer to the best Christmas markets in Europe. Backlinks work wonders for SEO and can help get a lot of traffic to your blog!

16. Most Instagramable places:

Chances are that you’ve taken a ton of photos on your trips. Most instagrammable places blog posts are all the rage right now! Don’t forget to add the address of the location so your followers can find it!

17. Top X mistakes to avoid in X:

Travelling isn’t always pretty and easy. It can be a learning experience. Share your mistakes with your readers so you can help make their travel experience more enjoyable!


18. Top underrated destinations:

There are so many places that are absolutely stunning but not popular with tourists. If you’ve been to one of those places, share it with your followers! Don’t forget to add pictures and reasons why you loved it.

19. Reasons why you should travel:

I can’t think of anything bad that comes with travel. It helps you grow as a person and you can meet different people from all over the world. Share your top reasons why anyone should travel!

20. Tips on how to start a travel blog from scratch:

This is also another blog post that can generate a lot of traffic to your blog. Write a blog post outlining how your readers can start their own blog! Don’t forget to add links and be as clear as possible.

Check out my blogging tips here!



And that brings an end to this post! I hope you found it useful and helped you get out of your travel blog funk! There is a lot you can write about other than travel itineraries.

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Until the next one,
Yours Truly, Rebecca. 

Check out this blog for travel blog post ideas! From creating your own bucketlists and how to start a blog, this blog post will for sure give your readers some serious wanderlust! #blogpostideas #travelblogpostideas #wanderlust #bucketlist #tips


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