Eight Places To Celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe

    Eight Places To Celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe

    Are you looking to celebrate Thanksgiving overseas or are station overseas? Then this is the blog post for you! Click here to find out the top eight places to celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe!

    Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog! In today’s post, I am going to give you my top list of countries that are perfect to celebrate Thanksgiving in. This is my second time celebrating Thanksgiving. Last year, we invited some friends over to our house and had a huge dinner altogether. It was so much fun!

    This year, we are going to be in Scotland for Thanksgiving. I went ahead and compiled this list of top places in Europe that are perfect for Thanksgiving if you want to get away from the traditional way of celebrating!

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    Let’s begin!

    If you're an expat in Europe, check out this list of top places to celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe! From Paris to Prague, this blog post has got it all. #thanksgiving #europe #thanksgivingineurope #christmas #holidayseason


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    When I did some brainstorming for this post, Paris was the first place that popped into my mind! If you’re in the KMC Area (Kaiserslautern Military Community), Paris is just an easy train or car ride away. Around Thanksgiving time, the city is decorated with Christmas decorations and it looks absolutely stunning.

    There are a couple of restaurants that serve traditional Thanksgiving meals. One of them is Verjus. They have a specific Thanksgiving menu for €100 per person. Definitely worth checking out! Another popular spot in Paris for Thanksgiving is Breakfast in America. Their Thanksgiving plate checks off all the traditional sides and meals you’d expect such as Turkey, cranberry sauce, Pumpkin Pie and the list goes on.

    While you’re there, check out the LaFayette Shopping Mall. It is a beautifully decorated this time of year!


    Another beautiful city filled with Christmas lights and cheer. London is another perfect destination for Thanksgiving.

    TRAVEL TIP: For cheap flights to London, fly out of Luxembourg! Ryanair flies out of Luxembourg to London.

    If you’re a fan of Harry Potter, Hogwarts In The Snow At Warner Bros Studios hosts an epic Christmas celebration starting from 16th November and ends on 26th January. Spend the holiday in a Harry Potter-themed environment and drink your weight in Butterbeer!

    London in itself is beautifully decorated during this time of year. All the decorations and cold weather will surely put you in the festive mood. There are a number of spots around London where you can find delicious Thanksgiving food such as Sweet Chick, Red Rooster and for a more posh experience, Cut at 45 Park Lane.


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    If you want to get away from the cold weather and celebrate the holiday in warmer weather, I recommend going to Spain! While it may be a bit cold to swim, you’ll enjoy the warmer weather. My top recommendations for Spain are Malaga, Barcelona and Madrid! Thanksgiving is not widely celebrated in Spain, unlike other European countries. However, you can find a couple of restaurants that have Thanksgiving food! While you’re in Spain, make sure to visit the top sights and don’t forget to treat yourself to some Spanish Tapas.


    Back to the white Christmas wonderland, Vienna is a perfect European city for the holidays. With snowfalls almost every day and a number of Christmas markets, Vienna is a must-visit. Spend the day wandering around this enchanting city and visit the infamous Schonbrunn Palace!

    Vienna is on my travel wish list. I can’t wait to walk around its narrow roads and learn more about its history. If you’re wanting to go for Thanksgiving and you’re looking for a restaurant that sells Thanksgiving food, check out this article on some of the top restaurants that serve Thanksgiving food!


    Thanksgiving in Germany is known as das Erntedankfest and it’s a huge part of German culture! If you’re stationed in Germany, I recommend driving to Bavaria. It’s very pretty during the wintertime and will definitely put you in the holiday mood! When in Bavaria, I highly recommend going to Neuschwanstein Castle! It is literally a fairytale castle and it is a must-visit at least once while you’re in Germany.

    Germans have their own Thanksgiving meal which is kind of similar to the American version. Click here to get all the details on ho you can prepare your own German Thanksgiving! I’m excited to be spending Thanksgiving in the UK, however, after reading this article, I am excited to try some of these recipes out!


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    Rome is another city to visit in winter. While the Italians don’t celebrate Thanksgiving, there are some spots in Rome that offer Thanskgiving food! On the 21st of November, The American International Club of Rome hosts a Thanksgiving Toast for its members and guests.

    The Hard Rock Cafe on Via Venete provides Thanksgiving food but you must book in advance. Another spot is Hotel Art by the Spanish Steps. They offer a buffet-style meal that starts at 7:30 pm and they offer all your traditional Thanksgiving fixins! For a more quiet and low key vibe, check out the Abbey Theatre Pub and the Highlander PubMake sure you book in advance for these too! 


    Prague is high on my wishlist and I’m planning on visiting this beautiful city in January! Even though Prague looks beautiful all year round, it is stunningly beautiful during the holiday season and will definitely put you in the holiday mood. The best views of Prague can be seen from Castle Hill. Furthermore, a trip to Prague is not complete without the infamous “Trdelník” which is a cinnamon pastry that is stuffed with cream, Nutella and even ice-cream!

    There are a number of places where you can find Thanksgiving options in Prague. One popular spot is Jama. Each year, they celebrate Thanksgiving with widespread American food. It is a widely popular event so make sure to book in advance for this one. Bohemia Bagel is also another popular spot among expats in the Czech Republic. Bohemia Bagel offers an all you can eat buffet style dinner and they also serve some vegetarian options!


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    Only a 5-hour drive away from the KMC Area, Brussels is another winter wonderland destination perfect for the holiday! The American Club of Brussels will host a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner on November 28th. Furthermore, the Hard Rock Chain also provides a variety of American food during this holiday!

    While you’re there, I recommend having a Belgian waffle (even two, or ten) from the Brussels Waffle Workshop with a glass of Belgian hot chocolate, you will not be disappointed!

    And that brings an end to today’s post! I hope this gives you some major wanderlust tingles and make you book a ticket to one of these magical cities! As always, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on my social media! Furthermore, don’t forget to pin this blog post to your Pinterest boards!

    Until the next one,

    Yours Truly, Rebecca.

    If you're an expat in Europe, check out this list of top places to celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe! From Paris to Prague, this blog post has got it all. #thanksgiving #europe #thanksgivingineurope #christmas #holidayseason
    If you're an expat in Europe, check out this list of top places to celebrate Thanksgiving in Europe! From Paris to Prague, this blog post has got it all. #thanksgiving #europe #thanksgivingineurope #christmas #holidayseason

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