Looking for some gift inspiration for a jet setter? Look no further! In this post, I give you my top twenty six gift ideas perfect for a female on the go that will make their trips & travel adventures so much easier.

Hi everyone & welcome back to my blog! So for today’s post, I decided to write something a bit different compared to my usual travel posts. A couple of weeks ago I was doing some brainstorming and decided to start including lifestyle and blogging tips post. Therefore, on Mondays I am going to start posting about lifestyle, Wednesday I will post about my travel adventures and Fridays will be my blogging tips days!

Now that’s clear, let’s begin!

I know that Christmas is still a couple of months away but it’s always a good idea to start looking for some ideas and inspiration before it gets too late! I found hundreds of gift ideas and adding all of them in one post is kind of impossible. That is why I am dividing this post into two. So keep an eye out for part 2!

*prices have been converted to dollars and euros where applicable and rounded.


A passport holder is perfect for the female traveller. Almost everyone has a passport cover! Furthermore, there are some cute designs out there! Also, passport covers are perfect to protect your documents from the wear and tear. You can find passport holders pretty much everywhere. We have ones that say Mr & Mrs and we got ours from Amazon. Other great places to buy a passport cover are Etsy. You can also get personalized ones from Etsy like this one! Other good websites are Wish and Ted Baker! Take a look below. Ted Baker is one of my favourite designers!

Price: $40 // €36


I have the Instax 9 I love it! My phone and my canon camera are the devices I use the most to take my photos. However, I take polaroid pictures to have a physical copy of a memory and save it in my album. Personally, this is a very thoughtful gift to give to your female traveller in your life. The Instax 9 is the classic camera you can buy but there are other good cameras on the market! I bought the camera for €90 but it seems like the prices went down! Furthermore, you can buy the camera in a variety of colors. I opted for white!

Price: $70 // €63


In order to use the polaroid camera, you’d obviously need films! You can get these for a reasonable price off of Amazon. You can opt to get the classic white frame films but they also have patterned ones! My friends bought me some very cute ones. TIP: to make the most out of the camera and the films, show off your photos! I put them in an album or pin them on my wall in my office, which is travel themed.

Price: $17 // €15


They say water is very important for you and it’s true! Whenever I travel, I always go to grocery stores and buy packs of big plastic bottles and take one with me while I am sightseeing. However, carrying your own water bottle does wonders for the environment! Plus, there are some really cute ones out there. My favourite is this one. It is very simple but you can also add your own icons, colors, textures and choose how big you want your bottle to be!

Price: $28 // €25 (prices vary if you want to add textures, neon colors etc)


This right here is genius! You can look both fashionable and keep your belongings safe at the same time! How awesome is that? I found out about this infinity scarf while on Facebook and someone posted about in Girls Love Travel Facebook group and thought it would be good to add in this gift guide. This is just one scarf. There are dozens out there with different colors and patterns.

Price: $17 // €15


Different countries have different plug adapters. It is annoying when you forget to bring your adapter or bring the old one and end up having to buy a pricey one from the airport! It happened to me before and it wasn’t fun. When I found out about this LOOP World Adapter Plug, I thought it was the perfect gift for the traveler: male or female!

Price: $20 // €18


I am very paranoid about losing my luggage whenever I have a checked bag. I also get paranoid about losing my luggage when it is on the plane above my head. One thing I do is wrap a piece of tape around the handle of my luggage to know that it is mine when it is on the belt in the airport. However, recently I invested in this cute luggage tag and wrote down my details in case my luggage does get stolen. I bought mine from a store called Aktion in Germany and I found the exact same one here!

Price: $1 // €1


Packing cubes saved my life. I used to shove my clothes in my suitcase or backpack and get anxious about the mess. Before my trip to Croatia, I did some research and purchased a set of packing cubes from Wish. They weren’t the best quality but they did their job! For this post, I did some research on better quality packing cubes and found these on Amazon. I really like the pattern and they’re very feminine!

Price: £21 // €19


Travel-sized makeup is very beneficial when it comes to saving space. I bought this mini set from Benefit from the airport in Manchester and have been using them ever since! I make use of the pocket because it is a very good size and you can store a lot of things in there. My kit came with a travel-sized mascara, lip and cheek tint as well as a travel-sized bronzer. This particular one is not available anymore but Benefit has a ton of more sets available! If you don’t want to purchase a travel set on Benefit, there are a lot more options out there! This article gives a list of some of the best travel-sized makeup available on the market.

Price: N/A


I didn’t know about this until one of my followers on Instagram mentioned it to me! If you’re stuck on material gifts, then this one is right for you! You can buy a gift card from various online retailers on behalf of Airbnb, such as Amazon and Papyal. Furthermore, if you live in the US, you can buy them in stores such as CVS and Walgreens! You can choose your desired amount depending on your budget and your female traveller in your life can use it on any property she wants. Click here on more info on how you can use the gift card.

Price: N/A


What’s a more appropriate gift than a suitcase? A suitcase is one of the top things anyone must-have, even if you’re not a seasoned traveller! There are a ton to choose from. My favs are Samsonite and Ted Baker. (I think by now you realised how much I love Ted Baker). I have a Samsonite suitcase and I love it! They’re very high quality and durable. Ted Baker’s suitcases are also high quality and they look pretty! This is my favourite one from Ted Baker.

Price: $200 – $500 // €180 – €451


I was one of those people that carried around the tiniest backpack and tried to fit everything into it. Let me tell you, it’s not fun! Whilst my trusty black Stradivarius bag lasted a long time and came with me on a lot of adventures, it was time for a bigger and better backpack. Recently I went to TK Maxx here in Germany and purchased a Steve Madden backpack (I couldn’t find the exact one online). It was only €40 and the quality is amazing! This backpack just became my travel/all-time use/favourite backpack.

If you want to purchase a true backpack for your female traveller where she can pack her clothes and all of her belongings in it, I recommend the Mountain top trekking backpack from Amazon. I have the exact same one and I love it! The first time I used it was on our European trip to Rome, Disney and Mykonos and having a backpack like this one is so much more convenient than having to carry a suitcase with you.

Price: $40 – $62 // €40 – €56 


This is a bit cliche because it is so widely known that almost everyone has one of them (including me), but travel scratch maps are one of the best gifts you can give to that traveller in your life. How it works is that when they return back from their trip, they grab a coin and scratch the country they have just been to. Simple but genius! You can get these from pretty much anywhere but I found one on Amazon.

Price: $20 // €20 


This invention right here is perfect for all the caffeine lovers out there! Essentially it is an on the go espresso machine. It is very compact and you can easily fit in your suitcase or backpack (scroll above!) The Wacaco Nanopresso Portable Espresso Machine has really good reviews and came up first on Google. However, you can find other on Amazon and even in stores.

Price: $90 // €81


Every traveller needs a place to store her makeup instead of just shoving it in their suitcase unorganized! A small one is ideal for travelling because a) it saves up a lot of space and b) prevents you for overpacking unnecessary makeup (which I am so guilty of). The one that I use is from Ted Baker surprise, surprise! I had it for five years and still works like a charm. Unfortunately, they don’t sell this model anymore but they have more designs here!

Price: $35 – $139 // €32 – €125


Is the female traveller in your life obsessed with travel & Christmas?! Look no further because you can actually combine the two! You can gift her Christmas tree ornaments that are travel themed. You can also gift her a whole set that makes her tree filled with travel ornaments! Check out this cute one from Etsy and also check out a blog post from one of my fav bloggers on her top picks on Christmas ornaments.

Price: $14 // €13


Not all hotels or apartments come with a hairdryer, unfortunately. I remember a couple of times having to walk around with frizzy curly hair because the place we were staying at didn’t have one and it is not a cute look. That is why I included this portable hairdryer in today’s gift guide! Not only is it rose gold (my fav colour), it is also very lightweight and it folds which takes up a lot less space in your female traveller’s backpack or suitcase!

Price: $28 // €25


It is very annoying when you’re out in public and your phone battery dies. However, when you are travelling solo in a new place and you don’t quite know it, having your phone charged at all times is important! That is why a portable charger is something that all travellers should pack with them. Check out this one from Amazon. It comes with a case and it’s rose gold (can you see the theme here? rose gold and ted baker all the way!)

Price: $9 // €8


I have a Canon and it works amazing! It is very small and compact and takes really good pictures. But I also did some research on other cameras that are also good for travellers. One of the top ones is the Canon 80D. I’ve read the reviews and seen pictures taken by this camera and oh my god they look out of this world! Definitely check out the 80D if you’re planning on gifting a camera.

Price: $1,100 / €1,000


Travel pillows come in handy especially if you’re on a long haul flight. You need to make sure to find one that actually works. I used to have those traditional ones that look like a sausage but they honestly made my neck hurt so much! This memory foam travel pillow set has everything you need and makes the perfect gift! There is a pillow, sleeping mask and earplugs and they all come with a case. How cool is that?! This is a gift worth checking out!

Price: $20 // €18 


Headphones or earphones are a lifesaver to me especially when I am travelling and when I am on a plane. I use them all the time and I think they would make a pretty amazing gift! You can either opt for normal earphones, Air pods, Bluetooth earphones or actual headphones.

Price: varies depending on what you want to buy.


This is a very tiny and intricate gift but it has a lot of meaning! I found this German website that sells this really cute aeroplane necklace which makes for a perfect gift. I see travel themed jewellery all over Instagram so if this particular one wasn’t your cup of tea, don’t fret because there is no shortage of cute jewellery! For example, check out this other cute necklace from Newoneshop. You can also find travel themed jewellery in stores, especially in souvenir shops!

Price: $55 // €50 


My second gift idea was a polaroid camera. The exterior isn’t as firm as a Canon camera so you’d definitely need a case. You can find a ton of cases with various patterns! Check out this Amazon seller’s variety of covers.

Price: $19 // €17


Does the female traveller in your life has a purse like Mary Poppins where everything is jumbled up in there and stuff just keeps coming out? This travel documents organizer is perfect because they can keep everything in one place and not have to dig around their purse to find their credit cards (been there, done that, made a promise to fix it, sort of fixed it, still keep losing stuff in my purse). I ordered one of these a couple of days and I am excited for it to arrive and try it out!

Price: $16 // €14


I bought this travel planner from New Look on my last trip to Malta. It is very helpful when it comes to planning my trips! Instead of having all the information about my trip scattered all over Notes on my iPhone, I write everything down here. There is a page for preparation, budget, transportation, what to pack, as well as, a page where you can journal about your trip! I use the journal part to write points about what we did and what I learned so that I will not forget when I sit down to write a blog post!

Price: $4 // €4

And that brings an end to this post! As I mentioned above, I found a lot of gift ideas and I am dividing this post in two! So subscribe to my newsletter and follow me on my social media (linked below) to know when the second part is published! Until the next one.

Yours Truly, Rebecca.







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    I had no idea AirBnB did gift cards that’s pretty cool! Also I love the reusable water bottle idea and the polaroid, I’ve got one but don’t use it enough 🙁 Still need to get packing cubes! Thanks for the ideas

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