America Travel Wishlist Part 1

    America Travel Wishlist Part 1

    Traveling to the other side of the pond.

    Hi everyone & welcome back! It just so happens that I was browsing through a travel group on Facebook (I tend to do that quite a bit) and I stumbled upon this video. I didn’t plan on visiting America anytime soon and I certainly didn’t plan on ever living there. But, life is so unpredictable sometimes!

    We recently booked flights to San Franciso and it got me thinking about seeing more of the country.

    I did some research (thank you Pinterest) as well as I took points from the video, and came up with this list on places I want to visit in America! This is just part one because if I had to fit in ALL the places I wrote on my list, this post would extremely long.

    My favourite kind of weather is cold and Alaska is perfect for that. Me and Luis actually listed Alaska as one of the places we’d like for him to be stationed at. I heard that there’s limited sunlight there. Is it true? Is it sunny throughout the day? Let me know if you’ve ever been or even lived there!

    Colorado is another state I want to visit and hopefully live in one day. As far as I know, it is a cold state and you actually experience the four seasons there. Not to mention that it looks so beautiful! Colorado Springs is a must visit.

    The hype is real! I mainly want to visit New York for the food 🙊 I follow a number of influencers who live in New York and they document their lives in the city that never sleeps. And the food looks divine!

    My parents visited the Grand Canyon a couple of years ago and they showed us the pictures and I immediately knew I wanted to visit someday. I think this would be a perfect stop on a road trip to take pictures, sit there and take in the views.

    If you asked me a couple of weeks ago about what I think about Disney World, my answer would have been ‘meh’. But now, all of a sudden I warmed up to the idea of going there at least once and see what the hype is about.

    I also want to take a picture with those Minnie ears! #basic

    Utah is one of the states we’d like to PCS too. It’s another cold state with lots of mountains and spots for hiking. This is going to sound weird but I love the houses there! Some of the influencers I follow live in Utah and their houses look like my dream home 😍

    Both me and Luis are hoping to stay overseas for a long time but if we do get sent to the States, Utah is one of our top states to live in.

    I stumbled upon this picture not long ago and I couldn’t believe it is an American town! It reminds me so much of Germany and Northern Europe. I need to do more research on this place, but I would love to visit someday!

    The Washington Monument is just one of the sights I want to visit in Washington D.C. I fell in love with this picture because of those blossom flowers. I mean, how beautiful do they look?! Imagine all the pictures I can take there!

    In my travel wishlist post (I have a lot of wishlists apparently), I gave a list of the bases me and Luis want to be stationed at. And Hawaii was one of them! Apart from being beautiful, Hawaii also reminds me so much of home with the beaches and tropical climate. If we don’t get stationed there, I would still love to visit!

    Last but not least, Port Harbor. A friend of mine visited this place not long ago and she said it was absolutely stunning. As you can probably tell, I love anywhere that’s close to the ocean so Maine, is definitely perfect for me!

    And that’s it! This is only part one. The second part will be posted very very soon and I’m very excited for you to read it.

    If you’re from America or visited America before, I’d love to know what other places I can put on my travel wishlist. Leave them in the comments box below! And as always, do not forget to subscribe to my Newsletter and follow me on social media:

    Until the next one ❤️


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