A Day At Burg Eltz Castle, Germany | BLOGTOBER

A Day At Burg Eltz Castle, Germany | BLOGTOBER

“A journey through 850 years in one castle”

This weekend me and L headed to Burg Eltz castle. The castle is nestled between Trier and Koblenz.  In today’s post I am going to write what we did and give you some tips on what you can do when you visit Burg Eltz!

Me and L did that actually. It is 2 hours away from where we live. We left after lunch and got there at about 2 PM. The weather was perfect for exploring. It was a beautiful, sunny day: not too hot and not too cold either.

We got there pretty late. I suggest you go in the morning as the castle closes at 5 PM.

One thing you should know about me is that I love castles. When I was younger, I would sit and Google castles in Europe and make a list of castles I want to visit. Luckily, I live in a country where I am surrounded by castles. And I plan on visiting most of (if not all) all the castles in Germany.

I actually visited Trier a couple of weeks ago! Check out my post on what I got up to that day!

We parked the car in the parking spot at the bottom of the castle. All over the parking lot, there are signs directing you to the castle. Yes. You have to hike to get to the castle. Pro tip: never go on a hike a day after you do legs at the gym. The hike was only 15 minutes but my thighs and calves hurt so bad, that the hike honestly felt like an eternity. Nonetheless, the walk to the castle was beautiful. You get to see the leaves in all different colours and the number of waterfalls.

After a lot of panting and whining and attempting to jump on L’s back so I won’t have to walk, we could finally see the castle. I remember we had to take a  turn and bam all of a sudden, there is Burg Eltz in all it’s glory!

Let me tell you, the pain I endured to make it there was worth it. It looks like your typical, European medieval castle with a long pathway and an arch leading to the entrance of the castle. It was very busy and there were people everywhere which made it very hard to take a decent picture #frustrationsofablogger.

Me and L took a lot of pictures of the forest surrounding the castle. There were little holes in the walls of the castles, which I assume they are shooting holes, where you could take photos of the view.

As soon as we stepped into that courtyard, I felt like I was being taken back in time. The architecture of the castle is Romanesque and Baroque. I got a Shakespearean vibe from the white walls and the wooden beams (although the castle was built way before Shakespeare was born!)

Me and L (mostly L) did some research before we went there and the castle still belongs to its original owners! The general public can visit the castle from April – October. You can purchase tickets to go inside the castle. I and L decided not to this time. It was very busy and crowded and we only had an hour left before the castle closes. I suggest you do go inside if you have more time on your hands. There is also a souvenir shop. They sell typical souvenir shop items such as postcards and magnets. I got myself a magnet of the castle for 3 euros which I put in my new travel jar!


After walking around and taking a ton of pictures (as you can clearly see), we sat down on a bench and had lunch. Well, late lunch because by the time we sat down and started eating, it was already 16:30 PM. We decided to go for a traditional German meal of currywurst and fries. L had Radler beer to drink and I had a glass of Pepsi (as I mentioned in my previous post, we are currently on a diet. That glass of Pepsi was so satisfying!)

While we were taking pictures, me and L noticed two arrows placed on some of the buildings. L told me that there’s a date written on them and that shows the last date works have been done on this castle. This particular arrows had 1927 written on it! That’s quite a long time ago!

After that, we just walked around the surrounding forest for a while. Yes, I was still in pain but I also wanted to see as much as I can. So I ignored my protesting legs and walked on. It was so quiet and peaceful. We walked away from the crowds and it was just me and him and nature. We came across a little bridge and pond and stood there for a couple of minutes taking everything in.

Before we left for the castle, I was feeling kind of anxious. If you’re new here: hi, my name is Rebecca and I suffer from anxiety. I don’t know why I was feeling anxious. Sometimes it just happens. But walking around the castle and the forest and being in nature calmed me down a lot and made me think clearer. My therapist always told me to go for a walk and be in nature whenever I’m feeling anxious. Now I can see why she suggested that.

And then .. the dreaded walk back to the car commenced. The whining and the piggyback attempts started again. 20 minutes later, lo and behold, we could see our car. My legs felt like jelly by the time we made it to our car and drove off. But it was worth it. The castle is absolutely beautiful. If you’re a castle enthusiast like I am, I suggest you add Burg Eltz to your list.

Before going home, we stopped by Ramstein Air Base where L works and went to the Commissary to buy ingredients for pumpkin cheesecake. Yes, you heard it right or in this case read, I bought ingredients to make my very first pumpkin cheesecake. And you know what that means?!

That means that I will be writing a post on it! Yes, my second recipe post. My first one was the cake pops recipe which apparently, a lot of you liked!  Keep your eyes peeled for my pumpkin cheesecake post which should be up sometime this week!

And with that, I end this post. I love it when me and L go on little adventures. It gets us out of the house but also, I feel like it brings us closer every time. We both love to travel and go explore new places. So little trips like this one is something that me and him bond on.

Until the next one!

Ċaw Ċaw 👋🏻





  1. October 24, 2018 / 4:14 pm

    Sounds like an amazing day. I have never been in a castle, but love them!

    • Becky
      October 25, 2018 / 6:47 am

      It was! Do you have castles where you live?

    • Becky
      October 25, 2018 / 6:46 am

      It was ❤️

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