Ludwigsburg Kürbisausstellung Pumpkin Festival

    Ludwigsburg Kürbisausstellung Pumpkin Festival

    The Ludwigsburg Kürbisausstellung Pumpkin Festival is the largest pumpkin festival in Europe. It boats sculptures carved from pumpkins, activities and food. This festival is the perfect family destination.

    Hello & welcome back to my blog! I decided to dedicate the last day of Blogtober to mine and L’s recent adventure. We headed down to the Ludwigsburg Kürbisausstellung Pumpkin Festival with two of our friends. I found out about it from another Air Force wife. The festival ends on November 4th so try and get there as soon as possible!

    The weather was horrible but we still pushed through and made the most of it! This experience was something that I have never experienced before and I am glad that I found out about the festival! 

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    Fun facts & tips about the festival:

    1. The festival is held on the grounds of the Ludwigsburg Castle gardens.
    2. Ludwigsburg festival boasts over 400+ types of pumpkins. I never knew this much pumpkins existed!
    3. Each year they have a different theme. This year, the theme was Pumpkin Forest.


    For more information about the festival, check out their official website here

    Firstly, you walk through the courtyard of the castle and then you’ll see the ticket booth. We paid €18 and headed to the festival! Since it was raining, there were hardly any people which meant I could take pictures more easily!


    As we walked around, we saw crates full of pumpkins which you can purchase, and right next to them there were little stands selling all kinds of pumpkin products!


    The pumpkins came in all different shapes and sizes. I have never ever seen green pumpkins in my life before!

    Each year they have a theme. This year, it is Pumpkin Forest. Scattered all over the festival, you can see animals made entirely out of different coloured and sized pumpkins.  It was crazy!

    There was a tent selling souvenirs and food. Next to it, there was a small cafe where you can buy all kinds of food! All pumpkin-themed of course.

    One stall sold pumpkin ketchup and pumpkin liquor. The other one had pumpkin souvenirs and pumpkin noodles! We were hoping to find pumpkin beer but it was already sold out. Make sure you get your hands on some because I’ve heard that is really good!

    After purchasing our pumpkin goodies, we walked around a bit more and stumbled upon some insane pumpkin carvings and figures made out of sand! I’m surprised they held up so well in those weather conditions.

    Each one represented a different scene. My favourite one was the pumpkin helping his drunken friend!

    By this time, all of us were shivering and wet. I had water in my shoes and my hands were in pain from the cold. We decided to head back to our car and make the 2h drive back home. But before doing that, we stopped to get something to eat! On the website, they said they had a food tent that sold pumpkin soup and other pumpkin-themed food. However, since it was raining most of them were closed and we didn’t have the energy to walk around the festival again.

    So we stopped by a stall that sold Flammkuchen. Me and L ordered the traditional one with meat and spring onions. And let me tell you, it was delicious. We ordered a cappuccino with it to keep warm and then L wanted to buy pumpkin waffles. He got two and ate them before I could take a picture haha!

    This is not my best picture but my hands were shaking and I couldn’t feel my fingers.


    What a beautiful ending to a beautiful day. We had so much fun and I have to say, this is my favourite place that I visited since moving to Germany. Next on the agenda is CHRISTMAS MARKETS! And it actually snowed here today too! I can’t wait to share everything with you all. I hope you enjoyed this post and I’ll see you in the next one!

    Ċaw Ċaw 👋🏻



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